1. im glad this blog exists

    We are glad you exist!

  2. So my girlfriend and I were discussing Lord of the Rings and Macbeth, as you do, and wondered - what if the big reveal about Macduff was actually a whole "I AM NO MAN" thing, in response to the "no man of woman born" prophecy? And the Macduffs were actually two women in a relationship, with children?

    From what I recall, both “I AM NO MAN” and “Fangorn Forest is coming to Isengard” were both direct reactions to Tolkien being disappointed in the opportunities Shakespeare missed with Macbeth. So, basically, yes. Yes to everything.

    I further posit: trans woman Macduff. Think about it. That is all.

  3. runecestershire:



    So my school is putting on a production of Macbeth and not enough guys tried out so instead of having a girl play male Macbeth, our direction said, “Fuck it, we’re doing Lesbian Macbeth”

    This is the best possible solution.

    I most heartily approve of this because it is awesome.

  4. ok but: a production of hamlet where hamlet is completely non-binary and referred to as various different pronouns throughout the production. also bonus bonus bonus points for poc actor bc Pls,


  5. why is there no benvolio/mercutio appreciation happening all up in this blog me friends we need more of that

    There was totally a post that included that recently but you are totally right. Anyone want to send us some Benvolio/Romeo stuff?

  6. everyone in julius caesar was queer as hell! i mean cassius was v in love with brutus duh. but also calpurnia and portia just imagine how amazing that ship would actually be omg

    Everyone is queer, always and forever.

  7. nanyoky:

    I want to write an alternative version of Romeo and Juliet where instead of being a little ponce and trying to work things out for himself, Romeo asks his smarter friends what to do about the whole thing and Benvolio and Mercutio come up with the world’s greatest plan:

    Marriage of convenience between Juliet and Mercutio.

    Think about it.

    Juliet’s parents want her to marry into the Prince’s family. Mercutio is a good compromise between no marriage and Paris.

    Mercutio probably won’t get his inheritance if he keeps being HELLA FUCKING GAY ALL OVER THE PLACE so a beard is only a benefit to him.

    They would probably get along great rolling their eyes at how adorably stupid Romeo is.

    Romeo and Benvolio could get a “bachelor pad” right next to Juliet and Mercutio’s house. Every night, Romeo and Mercutio high five as they hop the fence to go bang their one true love.

    The second half of the play is just all of them trying to keep up the charade and being “THIS CLOSE” to getting caught all the time. But everything ends nicely because true love conquers all.

    Everybody wins. Nobody dies.

Our school did Hamlet and Horatio had a total crush on Hamlet.

    Our school did Hamlet and Horatio had a total crush on Hamlet.

  9. why do you think oberon wants the changeling boy? in versions where he is queer, like the globe production, I think it's because he wants him as a lover or something because he refers to the boy becoming his henchman - which puck is, and who he is intimate with.

    That is one possible interpretation! Or he might just want the boy for his stated reason in the play, which is that he wants to spite Titania. It depends on the director, to be honest—the production I saw recently had the changeling played by a kid who looked about three. It’s not a large enough part for me to have any substantial feelings on it.

  10. i was the one who submitted the bi viola headcanon, and yes. that is exactly what i'm saying. also, trans man feste.

    Most excellent.

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